Ashes Of Phoenix is a veteran guild on the server Al'akir EU and focusses on raiding and achievements.
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 Silenz - Hunter

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PostSubject: Silenz - Hunter   Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:27 pm

Character name: Silenz

Class/level: Hunter, level 70

Talents: atm. MM 0/42/19

Why did you chose this talents spec?: Don't rly know, I've almost always been playing it and I like it.

Professions: Skin and Lw

Deadly Boss Mod(latest version): Yes ofc.

Ventrilo and Teamspeak 2: Both

Sound (speakers or headset): Headset, Audio AX gaming headset (If u must know Wink)

How many days a week can you raid? Depends, I'm atm at last year in school so I'm trying to work to. But when I'm not working evenigs I'm trying to raid.

Do you consider yourself a loyal person? Well I'm trying to be, so yes.

Why you wish to join us? I recently left Pandion Knight, didn't get along with the Hunter cl and I was tired of wiping at the same boss for over a mounth with no progress so I gived up raiding for a time. Had some final exams and he didn't like when I didn't sign up to any raids then.

Why should we invite you? I'm trying to be loyal and help everyone if I can.

What's your WoW experience (instances etc pre tbc, and tbc)?
Well preTBC I've cleared Zul'Gurub, Molten Core, AQ20 and 3 bosses in BWL.
In TBC I've cleared Karazhan, Gruul and LootReaver in TK.

For how long did you play your current class?
i'm not rly sure, but it's over 2years. This character has always been my main.

What do you expect from us? I'd like to have a laugh now and then but also take down some bosses. I'm a very chill and calm person.

Were you in a guild recently(and wich one?) & why did you leave? Already answered it Smile

Heroic keys? All !

Karazhan key? Yes !

Describe your gear:
Health: 9425
Mana: 7408
AttackPower: 2115 ( With hawk, Without Trueshot )
Hit: 119 ( +7.55% )
Crit: 23.20%

Got any Resistance gear for certain encounters? Well got some MC firerec gear in bank Razz

Age and where are you from? I'm 19 years old from Hanko, Finland

A small text about you: I'm 19 year old student from Southest city of Finland. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft and hanging with my IRL friends. I also play Football. I'm 189cm and Weigh 75kg. Wink

Hope to hear from u soon
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Silenz - Hunter
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