Ashes Of Phoenix is a veteran guild on the server Al'akir EU and focusses on raiding and achievements.
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 Application Sticky (read this before applying!)

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Santa's Little Helper

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PostSubject: Application Sticky (read this before applying!)   Sun Sep 09, 2007 10:02 pm

Hello there prospective candidate!

Please use the following information as a guide when submitting your application. You vastly increase your chances of getting into the guild if you give us the information we need to make our decisions on, and may damage your chance of getting into the guild.
Create a new thread for your application and name it with your character name and class, example: GameAngel - Paladin.
But before you make an application please read our Guild Rules first
Character name:



Why did you pick this talents spec?:


Deadly Boss Mod(latest version):


Sound (speakers or headset):

How many days a week can you raid?

Do you consider yourself a loyal person?

Why do you wish to join us?

Why should we invite you?

What's your WoW experience (instances Classic WoW, Tbc, WoTLK)?

For how long did you play your current class? (/played and the date you created him)

What do you expect from us?

Were you in a guild recently(and which one?) & why did you leave?

Describe your gear:

Armory link:

Got any Resistance gear for certain encounters?

Age and where are you from?

A small text about you:

Any other information you feel you should tell us:

You will need to bring pots and flasks for most encounters, and gold for (high?) repairs, so if you can't afford to spend some gold on raiding then don't even bother to apply.

The best thing about the guild is our people, loot is a second, and that is something that everyone must remember.

Loot whores stay away - hint hint - applications that say that you are wanting to join us for better loot get rejected!

Rejected applications will be kept for a period of one month and then deleted - after this time you will need to make a new application.

Spend some time with your application, if you can't even spend time on your application why would we spent time on inviting you?

Best of luck // The members of Ashes of Phoenix

After you got accepted pm one of the following AoP leaders:
GameAngel - GM
Nazlie - GM
Udarach - Officer
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Game Angel
Guild Leader
Game Angel

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PostSubject: Application example.   Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:09 pm

This is how i would make an application to Ashes Of Phoenix.
(Do not COPY/PASTE or fake this apply! be CREATIVE)
The only thing you should copy/paste is our questions, then answer them on a correct and clear way, "insert wall of text" "Crits GameAngel for 19045!" is not appreciated since it hurts my eyes.

Character name:
GameAngel (main)
Rogue (alt)

Lvl 70 paladin
Lvl 41 rogue


when i'm holy i spec 42-19-0

Why did you chose this talents spec?:
Atm i'm retribution specced cause i'm allowed by my current guild since i don't need any items for healing from karazhan, so i spec dps to get a healer spot open so they get geared up also Smile

Engineering and mining, both 375 - i also got most engi recipies like mana potion injector, khorium/eternium scope, and the epic tanking gun ofc.

18years, (14/01/89)

Deadly Boss Mod(latest version):
Ofc! raiding without dmb is a crime :O

Ventrilo and Teamspeak 2:
Yes i got both installed, Vent > TS tho imo Very Happy

I got speakers and a headset, so i'm able to talk in the raid.

Why you wish to join us?
I wanna get leet EPIX from you guys and my current guild sucks. (FAIL)
I wanna join AoP because i heard its a great guild and that their GM is so cool and sweet that i just wanna worship him, i also want to make some progress in end game instances with some fun ppl Very Happy loot comes second for me, Progress > loot.

Why should we invite you?
Well, i master my class perfectly, i can lead any raid with no problem, i got almost full epic tanking gear, ret gear and full epic healing gear, so i can be tank, dps or holy - i'll spec whatever the guild needs me to be.

Do you consider yourself a loyal person?
Well, i play wow for 1,5years and i've only been in 2guilds so far, so i think i'm pretty loyal Smile

Whats your wow exp?
Pre tbc: Cleared ZG, MC, Onyxia, 3bosses of AQ20 all with AoP.
Did chrom and neffy in bwl with TwK on another pally.
Tbc: Cleared kara and downed high king maulgar with External Digestions and AoP.
Killed Voidreaver and Lurker with AoP.

For how long did you play your current class?
I play my paladin since 6/6/06 (i know lol, devil!) and this is my only character, simply cause i just love it so much even tho they liked to nerf us -.- WTB pre 1.9!

What do you expect from us?
That you are friendly and respectfull to me, that i get raidspots and chances to prove myself, for the rest i need nothing from the guild.
Loot, EPIX cause i pawn! <-- (FAIL)

Any other information you should tell us?
I was raidleader before TBC, and i'm still raidleader, so if needed i can lead a raid.
Also i made some wow movies..
just click on user and you can see my other movies too Smile

Were you in a guild recently(and witch one?) & why did you leave?
Yes External Digestions, but it died after the GM being offline for 1month.

A small text about yourself:
I'm 18years old and i live together with my girlfriend in Aalst, Belgium.
I still go to school but i try to use all my time usefull in wow so i can still raid alot without letting my real life suffer.
I'm a real gamer, also got an xbox360 - tag: GameAngelBE i like company of heroes on the pc, and halo 3 on the box.

Flying mount?
Yes the 60% one, imo its a waste to spend 5k gold on the damn mount.

Heroic keys?
Yes all of them

Kara key?
Yes ofc, exalted with Violet Eye :X

Armory profile:

This was my application, i hope you like it and hopefully i can talk with you guys in your uber guildchat Very Happy



"But liek, without jew guys, how weel he eva get epixx in the furst plais.
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Application Sticky (read this before applying!)
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